The BE Team

Burnt Exposure began (2007) as a non-traditional wedding photography studio devoted to giving fun and stylish clients a unique experience that matched their personalities and pushed the limits of creativity (while making sure brides looked amazing of course). A few years ago Kris Sundberg teamed up with 2 successful wedding photographers, Jason Stringfellow and Natalie Williams, after realizing how much better they could serve their growing clientele. Since then we have had a blast working together, perfecting our craft, and meeting the most amazing clients from all over the country. Each of us have had published work, shoot with Canon 5D Mark II's (with lots of fun lenses), and LOVE LOVE LOVE what we do. Besides putting his foot in his mouth, Kris handles the post process editing and album design to maintain a consistent look and feel as BE's style is fine tuned. He mainly shoots weddings.Jason brings the party with his edgy and fun shooting style. He shoots weddings, family's and Srn pics while keeping the clients laughing all day. He and his wife Emily also run the Unboxed Photobooth.Everyone loves Natalie and her Romantic Modern style, so we keep her around. She makes you feel so good about yourself, which we could all use more of, and will carry your shoes, flowers even yourself if you are tired. She shoots Weddings and Family's. Other than that Kris's wife Cathy (Me) and numerous others have all continue to help make Burnt Exposure the awesome studio it is today! In the meantime, you can learn more about us on the "Meet the TEAM page." Hope to hear from you soon! Please drop us a line in the CONTACT section.